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Bitcoin, Crypto assets and tokens involves a whole new way of thinking about money, self-sovereignty and asset management.

This type of financial system allows you to control your own assets, unlike the traditional system.

With this new platform. The user must explore new options to be able to securely store all the access details.

This is alien to most people.

For this, we have created Black Hole Keys.

A platform to explore our options in this emerging market.

Black Hole Keys is intended to be a series of templates or forms to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for not only the main user, but any relative that may want to unearth the assets if the user was to succumb to unforeseen tragedy.

Lost coins, is an issue that has trapped nearly a quarter of all Bitcoins to date.

We plan to create and evolve documentation that may be useful to those within the crypto space. From simplified Wills, to wallet forms, asset listing, password logging, hints, tips and tricks.

This is also intended to be a good starting point for any relatives who find themselves overwhelmed by all the crypto jargon during times of mourning. Helping them from the heartache of being scammed out of your coins by malicious actors.

To be clear, the content of Black Hole Keys is intended to be either printable or downloadable. We never intend to store any of your wallet details.

You are responsible for your assets.

Security Vs. Complexity

This video from Andreas Antonopoulos outlines the importance of securing your Bitcoin in your own wallet, keeping it simple and making it accessible to not only your future self, but your loved ones too. Security is a sliding scale, apply the right amount to suit your needs, because sometimes the greatest enemy is YOURSELF.

This video is shared, because it best represents why Black Hole Keys was built. Please note that Andreas is not affiliated with Black Hole Keys.

Products we offer

  • Generic Printable Will template for your loved ones.
  • Printable forms to list your assets
  • Printable forms to list the exchanges you have used
  • Printable forms to document your passwords and Two Factor codes
  • Print only forms to list the essential details to unlock your wallet
  • Wallet templates come in 12, 18 and 24 word formats
  • Wallet template for private keys only
  • Links to interesting a reputable websites and articles
  • Exploration of wallets, exchanges, coins, products and data / research sites.
  • Thoughts on security, research and mentalities.


Who is Black Hole Keys?
I am an Australian that always finds myself exploring new technologies.
Like many others before me, I sunk down the rabbit hole and began exploring all the factors
that cryptocurrencies have to offer to completely change that way we transact and store
I try my hardest to keep things organised and orderly, but, with my forgetful mind,
something critical could slip by or get lost.
I found that with the fast pace of the cryptocurrency industry, my ability to keep things
together quickly got out of hand.
I needed to find some foundations.
When I began to learn about the complexity of wallets, the un-confiscatable properties of
I had to think long and hard about how I would pass on all of the data to my family if
anything unexpected was to happen. Bitcoin has a long history of people losing their assets
due to poor management or neglect. This made me more determined than ever to account
for every coin or token. No stone would be left unturned. I needed to get organised.
Thought leaders in the space said that bear markets are the time to build.
So, I am here building, in the most unloved area of the crypto space.
Documentation on traditional plain paper.
To save keys from falling into black holes!

You can find my Twitter profile @BlackHoleKeys

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Black Hole Keys

With growing mass and density.
A singularity has appeared.

With it, A force that will consume
the earth and all of civilisation.

The gravity, too hard to calculate.
The vision ahead, too hard to see.
The pull, too strong to avoid.

You have what you need to find the source.

Don’t lose your keys.